Yard Sale Steals

Hello Pretties,

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a little while but I had a death in the family recently and I have been dealing with that. I just haven’t been in the mood to chit chat or write much. BUT I am trying to get out of my funk, so here I am to update you on the things I have been up to.

Switching to something a little more light hearted… Yard Sales! Since the weather started warming up, my mom and I have been getting up early on Saturday’s and heading out to sift through peoples old stuff. I thought this was a great idea since we just bought a house and basically need everything!!! This definitely take away from my ability to sleep in, but I figure it’s worth it if I can find cheap pieces in good shape for the house. Turns out I was right! We’ve gone out 5 times this summer and I have practically stolen 5 pieces of furniture for our house. Everything was under 10 bucks! With a little work and some paint they’re gonna look fantastic! How can you beat that?

My first find was your basic dresser. Nothing special about it except it’s solid wood! Not that particleboard crap everything is made out of now a days. So… SCORE! I got it for $10 with the haggling skills of mama. She’s not afraid to ask anyone to come down on a price. Me.. not so much.


To be honest, I don’t 100% know why exactly I bought this dresser, since we have a very nice complete bedroom set, but I knew one of the biggest issues with our house is storage.  So for $10 I snagged it. It’s a simple dresser that could go in any room and be used for anything really. BUT even though I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it or what I’d store in it, I knew exactly how I wanted to paint it. I found this photo on Pinterest a loooong time ago and absolutely loved it! I had no need for it at the time but I saved it anyways (as you do on Pinterest).  The second I saw the dresser I knew I had to dig through my folders to find this photo and mimic it! Right now I’m thinking I will keep this in the spare bedroom and put random odds and ends that don’t have a place yet.

Next we have this fantastic oil bronzed chandelier I got for $5! I didn’t take a photo of it but they had some ugly cloth shades that were dirty and broken. I took them off right when I got home and threw them out. I like it better this way anyways. I don’t think I will be adding shades or anything like that to it. The women selling it said she was getting rid of all her light fixtures because she updated all hers. Oiled bronze isn’t her style, so there is nothing wrong with this at all! Between you and me, she’s nuts! Oiled bronze is so in right now. But hey no complaints here, this $5 chandelier will add to the perfect farmhouses/industrial look I am attempting to go for.


Next up we have a very stylish standing mirror. First words out of Matt’s mouth when I walked through the door with this, “What the hell do we need another mirror for???” I have an over the door mirror in our room and my grandfather left me a giant mirror that used to hang over his dinning room hutch…which I still haven’t found a home for. But this bad boy was $8!!! (another haggle from mama bear) Matt just doesn’t understand! I can get rid of that crappy walmart door mirror and put this beautiful thing in our bathroom upstairs. And after I paint it something other then this god awful red wood color, it’ll look great! It’s redder in person than the photo. I love a good rich brown stain, so this is what I am most likely going to do to it… Although a simple white could do wonders in the upstairs bath… hmmm decisions…


This is probably my favorite and most needed find, and it only cost me, drum roll please….. $0!!! That’s right, it was FREE! Some lady was about to just throw it out!!! This particular weekend, we ended up in the rich people neighborhood and I am guessing that she had too much money to care that this was a perfectly good piece of furniture that normally costs $90 and up! I snagged that thing before anyone else had a chance to see it! Not a big fan of the color, but again, paint! It does wonders! I plan to paint the base white and stain the top a darker brown. Very farmhouse… noticing a trend? I’ve actually already started working on it before I took photos of the kitchen cart, so it’s missing the drawer knob, cart handle, a second shelf, and knife box.

Kitchen Cart

And last but not least, my $5 TV stand… that I am not actually going to stand a TV on… it’s going to go under the TV, so that counts right? Matt bought a wall mount for our TV in the living room, but we don’t have anything that he can put his PlayStation and other fancy electronic thingys on. Meaning we need a TV stand for things that are not a TV. This was the perfect size and height for the space we have and I like the color of the wood. I really only need to clean it up and fix the front door that came a little un-hinged. Really simple fix. We might end up taking the doors off all together, but that is an on going debate between Matthew and myself. I’ll let you know who ends up winning.

TV Stand

So those are my yard sale steals so far! I hope you get inspired to go out and visit some local yard sales. There really are some great things to be found out there. Let me know what some of your steals are!

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