Weekend Fun


My weekend went a little like this…

Friday, I met up with some girl friends I hadn’t seen in a while for dinner. The three of us have a lot going on in life right now which makes it very hard for our schedules to match up. It was really nice to get to catch up. With Amy going for her Masters and Zerina just getting engaged, these dinners don’t happen enough!

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day… at least the first half was.  Slept in longer then we were expecting to and had a coffee sipping cuddle-fest, which the pup joined in on. Surfed the internet trying to think of things to put on our Christmas lists… For some reason this is extremely hard for us this year. After that we did some much needed cleaning and organizing.

Now Sunday was a lot of fun because Matt took me on a little adventure! There are a lot of pretty place here in CNY that I would really like to explore! But since winter is so long here we don’t get a ton of opportunities to do this. So Sunday, we made our way out to the Finger Lakes area. I’ve wanted to walk the Watkins Glen State Park since finding out it existed two years ago (Matt’s doing).  So we got up semi early, packed up the camera, and headed out. Since the Finger Lakes is about a 2 hour drive and we don’t make it out there that often, we stopped in at Matt’s favorite winery Villa Bellanglo’s and grabbed a couple bottles of wine. (Couple meaning 4) ?

 After that we drove in to Watkins Glen, which is the cutest little town. I got really excited to take photos once we were in the park. It was so peaceful listening to the water slowly flowing by and then you get a rush of excitement when you hear the first waterfall crashing up ahead. Just gorgeous! Here are some photos from our Adventure. 


  Watkins Glen7

Watkins Glen6

Watkins Glen4

Watkins Glen3

Watkins Glen2

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