Trash to Treasure

Hello everyone! I have come to update you on my yard sale steals projects I mentioned in my last post. The first project we wanted to tackle was the kitchen island/microwave cart. Since the kitchen is the space that needs the most help, we started there. We have a decent sized kitchen but its mostly empty space. There aren’t a lot of cabinets or counter space and the sink is old and tiny.  So kitchen cart it was!

First things first, we took the cart apart and gave it a good clean! We then took the handle, shelf, knife box and drawer off to paint. I did a little research before deciding that I wanted to use spray paint instead of regular paint. I picked Valspar since it seems to have a lot of positive light on Pinterest. I got the color “Satin” because I wanted something a little softer than white. It will also stay a bit cleaner longer, which is needed for something kept in the kitchen.

ValsparOnce everything was apart, we taped off the top of the cart because I wanted to keep that a wood color. We then sprayed a nice thin layer on everything by following the directions on the can. All of the smaller pieces were put on top of some left over drywall we had from our reno. We did this so that we could carry everything into a storage room once we were done. We were too busy to set a whole day aside and wait on the drying time, and we couldn’t leave everything outside. This was done over the span of a couple days. We did 2 layers on everything, which was definitively enough since the original wood was so light.







We let everything dry for 24 hours and put it all back together! And it has been a wonderful addition to the kitchen so far! We’re using it as a coffee bar and I absolutely love giving my coffee a designated place! The shelves are great for storing random things that don’t really have a home just yet. It just really frees up some work space for us and its been helpful!


What kitchen DIY’s should I do next? Lord knows we still have more to do!

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