Slacking on the Blog

I haven’t had a lot of time the last month or so do get on here… I picked a great time to start a blog! August has been super busy for me, mostly with photography sessions. Its Senior Photo season! And September is turning out to be the same! Not that I don’t love this side job, but with the actual hour-2 hour long session and time it takes to edit all the photos, it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of free time.

On top of that, my little brother is getting married next year (YAY) and I’ve kind of taken over organizing the bridal shower/wedding crafts. This has also been taking up a lot of my time. But I got to design the invites from scratch and I’m in love with what I’ve come up with!

And I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but it also happens to be babies/wedding season!!! Diaper Party’s, Baby Showers, Engagement Party’s, and Weddings galore!!!


BUT I plan to put more time aside to share on the blog… promise! The only thing I seem to have time for everyday is sharing photos on my Instagram. Soooo follow me… I wouldn’t hate it! 😉

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