Merry Christmas!!! ?

Happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate! I hope you enjoy the holidays! Since I probably won’t be hoping on social media tomorrow, I figured today I would share our Christmas Card for this year. 

He is the cutest pup I’ve ever laid my eyes on! ? He’s my favorite photography model! What you don’t see is Matt behind me holding cheese lol. They are both good sports when it comes to me and my camera.

Which will be in everyone’s faces over the weekend! We finally have a game plan for who we’re visiting and when. My extended family’s Christmas party is tonight, so after work we’ll be stopping there for a little. Christmas Day we are opening up gifts in the morning at my moms house, then heading to Matt’s moms for dinner and gifts. Saturday I’ll have a break but poor Matt’s got to work. Then Sunday after Matt gets out of work, we’re going to visit his dad and brother. Busy weekend! I’m hoping to get some good photos though!

Maybe next year, when we’re in the new house, the holidays will be a bit more relaxing! ??

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