First Month as a Homeowner

So its actually only been a couple of weeks but that as a title sounded obnoxious. We’re almost at a month and man what a month it has been! Friendly tip… Avoid buying a home at the beginning of winter, especially if some renovations have to be done before you can settle in… You know, if you can. We couldn’t in our case… I mean look at how cute it is! We couldn’t pass it up! Lucky for us, our living situation allows us the time needed to work on the house before we move in. 

With the house being older, there are obviously some updates that need to be made. Some are going to have to wait till next year but some can be done now. At the moment we are working on the first floor.

Since we are going to start dry walling soon, I have been obsessing over what colors I want to paint the house as a whole. I don’t know why but I feel the need to have them all picked out before the walls are even up… And it’s a lot harder then I expected it to be… Picking out colors for each room that will look like a put together home as a whole is difficult.  I’ve been relying heavily on Pinterest for help with this. I’ve at least established that I love Benjamin Moore…but who doesn’t? I want something calm and relaxing with an airy feel… but again… who doesn’t right? It’s what’s in now…#BasicWhiteGirl

Right now this is really all that has taken place other than some packing and moving of things we don’t use daily. I will add another update once the good stuff starts happening!

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