First Day as a Blogger

So this is my first official blog post!!! I’m really excited to start documenting the new experiences that are soon to take place in my life. I started my first New Year Resolution and made a list of things I wanted to change in the new year. It contained things like, put more effort into outfits for work, learn the girl skills I skipped in middle school (MAKE-UP & HAIR), drink more water, stop thinking my body can handle crap food like I’m still 15, actually complete the 20 half-finished craft projects I have laying around the house, AND start a blog! I’ve wanted to start a blog ever since I created a Tumblr account. Tumblr was fun for a little while but it wasn’t the platform that could create what I wanted. This year I am finally leaving my shy tendencies and putting myself out there. Finally doing things that make ME happy!

That being said, I plan on documenting all the changes I have made thus far, along with anything else that is fun, inspiring, and creative happening in my life. I want to share my experiences! I want to hear from people willing to share their experiences! I want to get advice! I want to give advice! Basically, I want the full Blogger experience! So join me on this little adventure that is Living Like Samantha!

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