Pupcakes for my Pup

Milo's BirthdayMilo turned 5 on Monday and I of course spoil the crap out of him on a regular bases! So naturally I had to make him a special treat, cook him a special dinner, and get him a couple new toys for his birthday. If you follow me on any social media or know me personally you know that I am madly, head over heels, in love with my little big guy…. so the fact that I did all of this, surprises no one! Hell, he has his own Instagram for heaven sakes.

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This is not a drill! There are only 4 days till Christmas!!!!! Do you have all your shopping done? Are you ready!?!? Cause I just finished this weekend! Bought the final gift over the weekend and wrapped the last box yesterday. I’m done! Now all I have to figure out is what days we are visiting with the different families… which is a task in itself.

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10 Gifts for the Lady in Your Life

Gifts for the lady in your life

With the holidays around the corner and my birthday being at the end of the month, I’ve been getting asked left and right about what I want. Since I hit the age of no longer wanting toys, this has been a really hard question for me to answer every year. Once I was old enough to babysit, I’ve basically had money…At least enough money a 13 year old could want. So I’ve always just bought the things I wanted. And this year is no different. I’ve been dodging the question all month but I finally sat down

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