I haven’t posted in a while… the last month has been a busy one but I wanted to finally announce that…

We are buying our First Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am beyond excited about it and also a little nervous! We have been looking for a home for about a year and a half now and I am so glad the shopping is done. We finally found it! Since I get emotionally attached very quickly, Matt has been my reality check the past couple months saying “Don’t get too excited, things can still go wrong.” But we are at the point where I can say the house is ours!

House hunting has NOT been the greatest experience for us… but after putting offers on 2 other homes that fell through and 3 realtors later… We might just have found our perfect match. Since we were looking for our first home and not our forever home, we were not looking for anything perfect. We wanted something that needed a little elbow grease and love to make it “Our” home. In the year and a half of looking, we ended up putting offers on 2 other homes but they both fell through (thank god). We have also gone through 3 realtors! Ending with a LOVELY woman named Sue. She is a Saint! She took us through houses like we were her children and wasn’t scared to tell us she wouldn’t sell this house to her own kids. It never felt like it was about money with her. Like I said, a Saint!

So now that the loan has been approved and the paperwork is basically done, I am super excited to call this baby MINE! The home has a traditional feel to it, with a big formal dinning room, claw foot tub, AND white picket fence!!!! I’m in love! 2 beds, 2 baths, first floor laundry, a big yard for Milo, and an office for all my artsy things. It also has every wall covered in wall paper and needs a little updating. These are the things I am looking forward to! Expect before and after photos cause I cannot wait to get my hands dirty making this OUR home! This is the only photo I have of the house at the moment since we aren’t in it just yet, but would you just look at how freaking cute it is!?!?!?Our First Home

I have no idea what to expect in the next couple of months but I am pumped to get started. Any tips for being a first time home owner? lol

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