A Fall Adventure

tims pumpkin patch
A couple weeks ago Matt and I went on a little adventure with his mom to a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. I was probably way too excited about it for a 25 year old, BUT I had never been to either and I am pretty sure these things are what Fall is all about!!!! Right?!?

We started off at Tim’s Pumpkins Patch, a really cute farm out in Marietta, NY. It was a bit of a drive but definitely worth it. There was a tiny petting zoo, and by tiny I mean all the animals were BABIES!!! Apparently mating season on the farm is right before fall! We saw little piglets wrestling, baby cows, and we got to hold baby bunnies. I will probably never again touch anything as soft as their baby fur in my life. There was also a corn maze and craft room for kids that we unfortunately missed out on. There’s no shame in wanting to color a jack-o-lantern! And that corn maze is going down next year! It’s on my fall bucket list now!

pumpkin patch
Although the animals were adorable, the best part for me was actually picking my own pumpkin. It was more work then just picking one off a tables up front but the work is what makes it fun! I had a blast and I am pretty sure I found the biggest pumpkin they had! Another plus, it was cheaper to pick them yourself!

After taking our finds to the car, we also stopped at their little shop and grabbed a dozen cider donuts and cold cider. Both of which were the best things I’ve tasted! And I really dislike cider!

Apple Orchard
Next up was Apple picking! Now I don’t actually remember where we went for this. We just kind of stopped at an orchard at random. There are about a hundred out in Marietta. I’ve never baked with apples before and I have to say I’m not a fan of warm squishy apples… So we didn’t pick a ton of them. Just enough for a couple botched baking experiments. I tried :/… But the point was I needed apple picking to take place in my life because FALL! It was still entertaining walking the orchard and eating apples off the trees.

1911 Rose
After we felt our Apple quota was filled, we planned on heading home… I say planned because we ended up passing the 1911 Distillery on the way out and found ourselves in their parking lot. No idea what happened… So we headed up to their tasting room to sample some ciders. I wasn’t really looking forward to that, like I said not a fan of cider and that includes hard cider, but to my surprise, 1911 has a set of “Founders Reserve” which is a sparking cider that’s basically wine. So I was all gung-ho for that! The Rośe was my favorite but the Sweet Apple was a close second. Can’t beat a little wine tasting with your fall themed adventures!

I was exhausted after this trip and almost fell asleep on the ride home but it was a great time. I think I would like to make a tradition out this… I can picture us coming back to pick pumpkins and apples with our kids one day. Wouldn’t that be precious!?!? ?

What fall adventures have you been on this year?

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