10 Reasons to Love Fall

10 Reasons to love fall

I am super excited to say that last week was the first week it really felt like Fall! The air was crisp, the leave have started changing, and, idk if this is a thing, but the air itself smelled like Fall. So in honor of this wondrous season coming, I decided to post about what I love most about the Fall…

  1. Boots!!!

    Fall Boots

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Boots! If you know me, you know I wear my boots every single day once the weather gets a little chilly! I have been waiting for the day that I can wear them without getting weird looks from people. I feel like a good boot can make any outfit look soooo much more put together! Which is awesome when I hardly put any effort into getting dressed.

  1. Big Sweaters

    Big Fall Sweater

This is another one I live inside of when it gets cold. Most of my shirts are drappy and big and it goes double for sweaters! They are so comfy but somehow, again, look put together. I honestly can use all the help I can get cause I am one LAZY morning person.

  1. Scarfs

    Blanket Scarf

I don’t know if you have noticed a trend here yet… But scarfs are my jam. Super comfy, warm, and an attractive accessory for pretty much anything you put on your body!

  1. FlannelsFall Flannels

This is the last article of clothing on my list… promise… But I love me a good flannel. I don’t know about you but I am also into that “lumbersexual” thing that’s all over the internet! This might be the reason I have bought so many flannels for the boyfriend… not one regret… don’t judge!

  1. CoffeeCup of Coffee

Fall is when I really fall back in love with hot coffee. NOT pumpkin spiced! I’m really not into this pumpkin spiced crazed society. #NotYourTypicalWhiteGirl   I like pumpkin pie… and that’s pretty much it. But a good cup of coffee on a cold day just makes you feel cozy! And I just have more of an appreciation for it hot this time of year!

  1. The Changing LeavesChanging Leaves

The photographer in me absolutely LOVES the leaves changing! Can you say PHOTO OPP! Out of all the portraits I’ve taken, the ones during the Fall season are by far my favorite.

  1. Back-to-SchoolStationary

This is an odd one since I am no longer in school but I am a SUCKER for back-to-school shopping! Cute little notebooks and planners, fancy desk organizers, nifty storage gadgets… I can’t help myself… I have a problem.

  1. BonfiresBonfire

Roasting marshmallows, drinking a beer, hanging out with friends; all around a nice warm bonfire… That is my definition of a good Saturday night!

  1. Fall BeersSamuel Adams Octoberfest

Okay so I may have lied a little about not liking pumpkin spiced things… Pumpkin Ale is one other thing I do like… Oktoberfest is also a great Fall beer that I am a huge fan of! I don’t really like beer all that much (more of wine girl) but being with Matt has definitely changed that. Both of these beers are dark sipping beers.

  1. Harry PotterHarry Potter

Now this one will not appeal to a lot of people, but I am absolutely OBSESSED with Harry Potter. Like, I know the weirdest facts, read all the books idk how many times, know what house I would be sorted into, read ALL the head-cannons, could take any Harry Potter related quizzes and ACE it… kind of Obsessed. But the Fall/Winter season just puts me in a mood to watch all the movies again! It’s probably cause they play on the Hallmark channel every year for 4 months straight and I have now been brain washed to express my obsession a little more openly during this season… again… NOT ONE REGRET!


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  1. I was just looking at your site and I like what I see! Fall is also my favorite season and I am pretty much in love with everything on this list!!

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